Web Design
& Development

Your website must connect your brand to your audience, wherever they might be.

Needs to attract and retain your loyal costumers.

It's your window to the world.

We, at Orice Services, design strategy-driven, visually outstanding websites that are fully equipped to fulfill your marketing goals.

We begin with a foundation of deep research into your objectives and consider them at every stage of the development process.

The end result is a user-focused, high-engagement, and extensively-tested site that generates business while beautifully representing your company.

  • Custom Web Wesign & Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI / UX Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Taylor Made Online Management Solutions
  • CRM / ERP Solutions

Custom Web Wesign & Development

A brand's website it’s often the first point of contact you’ll have with your prospects and sometimes the one opportunity you’ll get to convert them. It must leave a lasting impression. Remember, it's your storefront, your star salesman!

Responsive Web Design

Beyond beauty, style and functionality, the other must have of your website is responsiveness. Your content must be presented to your clients weather they access your website through their desktop or their mobile phone.

UI / UX Design

At Orice, we value your digital costumers, so we give them the pleasure of navigating your website intuitively and confortably. We test real hard all our productions in terms of User Interaction and User Experience. If your site is fun to use, they'll spend more time getting to know you!

Usability Testing

We dream of an internet populated by intuitive interactive websites. So we do what we can to help this population grow with every production. In the name of a functional and intuitive web. No more redundant unnecessary clicks, please!!

CRM / ERP Solutions

Now the fun part!! Costumer relationship management and Enterprise Resource Planning! This is our passion. We take very seriously this part of our business because we know that it will really help our clients business thrive! Keep organized with our CRM and ERP solutions and let your work flow!

Taylor Made Online Management Solutions

After CRM and ERP, we er also develop custom taylor made management solutions to your business. Do you need a specific application (mobile app or web app) to help your business? We can do it for you.